It’s no big secret that once in a while you need to look elsewhere to get out of the same old pattern. For those who may be looking for inspiration, for this I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to go to while trying to pass the winter doldrums and stay on top of my game.

One. Bored Panda 

I love the imagery here, and the content they post is always beautiful and shareable. The site is also incredibly positive which helps wash those winter blues away. Also they have loads of posts with cats.

Two: Freebiesbug 

Apps, icons, mockups, and free HTML website templates for all the inspiration and grabbing free stuff that can help.

Three: Tympanus’ Codrops

While I feel that the tympanus website has been getting a makeover for the better part of the past couple of years Codrops has provided a source of ongoing inspiration. Their JS experiments are great, and provide plenty of ideas.


It is a browser plugin that displays selected news from the design and tech world. When it fitst came out it was great and a lot of the content that it presented was uh-mazing. Now however, I feel that’s it’s gone more the way of CSS Awards and similar sites that basically put anything up but you’ll still be able to find a gem here and there. I say install the plugin.

Five: ColourLovers 

This is one of my favorite sites out there, I tend to go back to similar colors. ColourLovers lets me find new colors that act as jumping off points for a project.And then there’s obvi dribbbbbbble and behance. 🙂