From chatbots that help the homeless to insights on product management methodologies to tattoos that control your television.

Remember the Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay that overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York? Well the bot’s creator Joshua Browder decided to tackle bigger challenges, like homelessness. With DoNotPay, users can visit the website, fill out questions related to their particular circumstance (i.e. how did you become homeless?), and then the bot will draft a legal letter to help each applicant get placed in emergency housing. Impressive use of tech for social good!

One OS to rule them all? Looks like Google is working on a new open source operating system named Fuchsia. But get this…no one outside of Google knows what it is exactly for. Some people speculate that it could be used for augmented reality, others think it could unify Android and Chrome OS. It’s also possible that Google built Fuchsia to serve as a lighter OS that can work for any future hardware—think Google Home. For now, we’ll have to patiently wait for Google to tell us the real deets.

How do you do what you do? This is the question Jon Lax asks us to consider for any job— whether that be performing surgery, coaching a sports team, or building software. More directly, he speaks to us tech folks about the merits of agile and waterfall methodology, and his insight on the use of playbooks to build products smarter and faster is worthwhile.

Let’s talk about Uber, the company everyone loves and loves to hate. In Uber’s early days it said it wanted to be “everyone’s private driver.” Now Uber, along with competitor Lyft, is playing around with the idea of becoming the bus driver too. If we want to better understand how the $60 billion dollar company’s success continues to grow, we need to stop thinking about cars.

And on a final note, “your style is your visual interface with the rest of the world.” These are the words of Cintra Wilson, and MIT Media Lab has taken this concept to the next level with ‘DuoSkin’ innovative temporary tattoos. These trendy tats double as controls for apps and other devices, meaning the next time you wanna change the volume of your phone, you can simply tap your tattoo and voila! Watch this video to see for yourself.

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