A letter to friends: we're stoked to introduce Ludlow.io!

Hi friends, We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about our weekly newsletter, and we thought we’d share our story - why we created one, how we decided to revamp it, and then the exciting stuff. We want to thank you for all your support (you guys are awesome, really). As some of you know, we’re a modest sized team here in NYC. Bootstrapped with little time to devote to [...]

Branding basics: why everything from typography to color palette to tone of voice matters.

  It’s happened again. You’re stuck in the dairy aisle, staring at the yogurts —  Fruit at the bottom. Flavored. Full-fat. Nonfat. Soy. Almond milk. Coconut milk. Sheep’s milk. Goat’s milk. Greek. Icelandic. Which one has the most probiotics?? You pick and swap mini containers, rotating each one in your hand to read the label, kind of starting to feel like a [...]

The Good, The Bad, and the Suboptimal from Mobile World Congress (2016)

There’s conferences, and then there’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) — a massive maze of tech booths showcasing some of the coolest new tech from around the world. Housed in the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona,at least 100 companies stood in its many halls, each with a booth more spectacular than the next.Just when I thought that I’d wound up at the end of a hall, I would take a [...]

SWARM recognized as a top 30 innovator by SVIEF.org

  We’re thrilled to announce that SWARM has been recognized as an innovation leader in the emerging technologies and interface product design space by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum). We were one of thirty companies globally to receive the award and couldn’t be happier.SVIEF has historically seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore headline the keynotes with [...]

A look at interactive websites: WELTRADE.com

  At SWARM, while we're pretty focused on new products coming out of the digital space, we're also interested in how they're marketed and what those attempts mean about the brands they represent. Every now and then, its good to step away from focusing on app design and development and go back to our art school roots to discover the different meanings that brands try to project.  Let's [...]

SWARM Experiments, an anonymous twitter chat app.

  Today we launch a new section of the site titled SWARM Experiments. A fun collection of little web apps, libraries and feature-ettes that we we've built and find interesting. With the launch of the Experiments we're also publishing our first experiment titled "SWARMsecret", a fun little web app that lets folks anonymously tweet from the @SWARMsecret twitter account. We're [...]

Alternative History of Us (a.k.a. SWARM)

Sometimes when working on all sorts of things here we go down a silly path. Sometimes the silliness is so silly that keeping it doesn't make sense, other times its so silly that we want to share it. Today we'd like to share our alternate bios. Valerie is an ossom possom who like cats, candy and video games. She's an artist by night and a bed roach by day. Her skills in design are bar none, [...]

It's time to reflect on positioning

It’s time to reflect. As with any product or startup, an entrepreneur should always seek to get insight from his clients about what is and what isn’t working. What areas of the product provide the most value to the customers and then relate all that back into the business strategy. Yesterday proved to be one of those days. While talking deeply over perhaps one too many beers with one [...]

How Agencies are Missing the Point on Sexism Altogether.

  "And he's not surprised when I know how to use a saw" is the line that the new Woodford Reserve ad should have used, and all would have been good and well.  However, as a recent article in AdAge pointed out, a simple sentence can turn an entire campaign into a feminist barrage of outcries. Replacing the original phrase "and he doesn't think it's cute when I don't [...]

Foursquare and The Unbearable Lightness of Being

  Though it has millions of users, the reasons people often cite for using it are rather badly represented in the application itself. The most common reason I hear about why people use Foursquare is that it creates a log for where they’ve been. Perhaps a bar looks familiar and brings back memories- with Foursquare, we can look back and see if we’ve been there before, and who we [...]

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