Internet of Things: a double-edged sword?

In the age of IoT, we’re experiencing a level of connectedness like never before. Everything from our watches to cars to home devices can generate data about itself, analyze it in relation to other events, and share that information with other objects to create meaningful experiences. This technological evolution is transforming the way we access information about ourselves and our [...]

The Question of Intellectual Property Theft and Idea Stealing

Without doubt you've got your business idea and you think that it's the hottest thing since sliced bread and you're already envisioning yourself on the cover of Time and The Economist. And then the paranoia starts taking over, and you start thinking that you need to be hush hush about it, have your wife, or girlfriend sign a NDA, and install motion sensors and cameras outside your office. Ok, [...]

Everything you do at your company should create value

Everything you do at your company should create value. When deciding to venture down the road of entrepreneurship, many people will tell you that you need to define a problem, attack the problem, and of course provide a solution in order to develop a viable product. Some, or really most advocates of this theory, will transfer some form of knowledge in problem identification onto armies of wide [...]

Do you feel like a fraud? It's normal, read what to do about it.

Every entrepreneur, or at least most of us will feel like a fraud at one point. We tell our friends and family we're working. We invest money and time into things that may or may not work. We work from home, café's and sometimes lack the office space that makes us feel "normal". We tell ourselves that and the rest of the world that we wholeheartedly believe in a mission. That our product [...]

Agile MVPs and The Entrepreneurs Who Don't Love Them

  There’s a lot of talk in startup land (and even in enterprise worlds) about utilizing Agile methodologies to build Minimal Viable Products (MVPs). While the idea of incremental iteration, based on tests and data, is a great way to assess a feature set’s success, this Agile method is a dangerous approach to creating products for emerging startups. There is a core issue [...]

Depression: the Demon Behind Entrepreneurship

No one ever said entrepreneurship was easy, that's for sure. I’ve been working on all sorts of interesting projects with a range of clients, from big brands and emerging  startups, helping them define their business model and strategy. Each project has its unique set of challenges, successes, nuances, etc. Yet, one pattern I’ve noticed throughout my time spent on projects is the [...]

Can you learn to walk with virtual reality?

This week we talk virtual reality, artificial intelligence, design inspiration, and productivity tips.   VIRTUAL REALITY When most people hear virtual reality they think fun and games. For paraplegic patients, virtual reality could lead to thoughts of something much more powerful - the chance of actually walking again. Yes, people who were once told they would never walk again are closer [...]

Is Business School Worth it?

Business school coursework predominantly focuses on business plan writing, scalability, working capital allocation, with some of the more avant-garde schools (think tier 1 West Coast institutions) being taught by some of Silicon Valley's best. Learning the fundamentals of business is an essential starting point, just as gleaning insight from others best practices and failures is a useful [...]

Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies?

This week we rap hickies, self-powered skateboards, and emo AIs that get us. Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies? Read this article on the ancient Chinese healing technique to find out. People are talking about Boosted, the electric skateboarding company that just came out with the world’s lightest electric vehicle called Boosted Board —apparently [...]

These tests can help validate your business model.

In 2002, Joan Magretta published a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled "Why Business Models Matter", this was right after the internet bubble burst and your everyday investor was keen to stay away from anything and everything that could in any such way be associated with the boom, the term "business model" was one of these an, the sheer sight of a "business [...]

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