A letter to friends: we're stoked to introduce Ludlow.io!

Hi friends, We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about our weekly newsletter, and we thought we’d share our story - why we created one, how we decided to revamp it, and then the exciting stuff. We want to thank you for all your support (you guys are awesome, really). As some of you know, we’re a modest sized team here in NYC. Bootstrapped with little time to devote to [...]

What if tattoos could control your television?

From chatbots that help the homeless to insights on product management methodologies to tattoos that control your television. Remember the Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay that overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York? Well the bot’s creator Joshua Browder decided to tackle bigger challenges, like homelessness. With DoNotPay, users can visit the website, fill out questions [...]

SWARMcast.tv or: How we started a YouTube channel on tech and entrepreneurship.

A few months back we started the NY Emerging Tech Meetup, which is run here at SWARM HQ in the Flatiron District. Thus far, we’ve had two really exciting sessions - one on VR/AR applications and the other on connected devices.The trend of awesome sessions continues! We have a few really interesting ones coming up:Machine / deep learningQuantum computingThe quantified self and behavioral [...]

Introducing NYC's first Emerging Tech Meetup

  When SWARM started as a Mobile Agency it was always our goal to sit at the forefront of emerging technologies, the majority of our team owns some form of smart watch or at least a wearable, we enjoy experimenting with new gadgets, IoT (Internet of Things) interface design, beacons, and really anything new and interesting that we can get our hands on. A part of this [...]

Hacking together mobile apps using Twitter as a data store.

At SWARM, an app design and development company in New York, we love to run experiments and try new things. Some of our experiments like the SWARM Weather Watch Face have even been featured in app stores like Google Play.So when defining PartyUP Player (PUP) into an MVP (minimum viable product), we came across an interesting problem while streamlining this new app.The [...]

SWARM Experiments | Solving the LFG Problem in Gaming with Party Up Player

   It's no secret that we like our video games. In fact, here at SWARM we even have our own Minecraft Server, and precisely because we like video games we've seen that there's a constant and ongoing problem with them, which is that unless you have a group of buddies to game with, multiplayer video games simply won't be as much fun for you.  If you want to jump into the experiment [...]

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