Make a Resizable AVPlayer with Player Controls for Apple TV

Running videos live on an app can be tricky when accommodating screen size transitions. This is because a video player is normally given a fixed width and height, preventing it from adapting to changes in screen sizes. When we built the CBS Sports AppleTV app, we wanted users to be able to smoothly transition between small and full screens while still including player controls. Our solution? [...]

Create a cloud video streaming MVP with Kurento

  With WebRTC technology, people can easily stream their live video and audio content just using a web browser. If you have a cloud video streaming idea and want to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Kurento is the choice. With Kurento, you’d be able to handle the streaming audio/video easily, including analyzing, mixing, augmentation, etc. Kurento is a WebRTC server [...]

Getting started with WebRTC? Here’s 5 top resources that can help.

WebRTC has driven a lot of our recent work. We appreciate it’s simplicity and enormous potential to transform a variety of industries reliant on video. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with webRTC, or maybe heard a reference to it on Silicon Valley but not really sure what it is, I’ll explain:  WebRTC is a free, open-source project that allows mobile [...]

5 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Started Learning iOS

Thinking about diving into the world of iOS app development but unsure where to start? You're not alone. The process can be daunting, especially when choosing from multiple languages, frameworks, and best practices. If you need some advice to help jumpstart your learning or some some words of encouragement to keep up the momentum, here's 5 tips to do just that. Tip #1: Learn Objective C and [...]

Exploring tvOS/AppleTV and other second screen devices.

As a company, we’ve always been bullish on SmartTV and second screen applications, so when Apple announced the new tvOS paired with an AppleTV that anyone could build applications for, we were thrilled. Thrilled because we’ve already worked with AppleTV rolling our first app for the platform back in May 2015. It was for a major television network and is now accessed by millions of [...]

Hacking together mobile apps using Twitter as a data store.

At SWARM, an app design and development company in New York, we love to run experiments and try new things. Some of our experiments like the SWARM Weather Watch Face have even been featured in app stores like Google Play.So when defining PartyUP Player (PUP) into an MVP (minimum viable product), we came across an interesting problem while streamlining this new app.The [...]

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