Branding basics: why everything from typography to color palette to tone of voice matters.

  It’s happened again. You’re stuck in the dairy aisle, staring at the yogurts —  Fruit at the bottom. Flavored. Full-fat. Nonfat. Soy. Almond milk. Coconut milk. Sheep’s milk. Goat’s milk. Greek. Icelandic. Which one has the most probiotics?? You pick and swap mini containers, rotating each one in your hand to read the label, kind of starting to feel like a [...]

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Master the Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch, those few sentences which convey your company across to potential customers and investors. Do you have it right? Can you explain what your product does in language that is simple, yet presents the unique value of your product? You may think that you already have your elevator pitch perfected, but even if it is, test it, refine it, and make it better. The pitch will dictate [...]

Getting Traction: How do I market my startup?

  Comprehensive marketing strategy requires a mix of digital and real world efforts. Marketing can become extremely expensive very quickly, and without the right approach, can exhaust the resources of a young startup. Strategies will be different depending where in the product cycle the product is. For example, if you’ve just build the MVP, marketing goals will be focused on [...]

Hacking together mobile apps using Twitter as a data store.

At SWARM, an app design and development company in New York, we love to run experiments and try new things. Some of our experiments like the SWARM Weather Watch Face have even been featured in app stores like Google Play.So when defining PartyUP Player (PUP) into an MVP (minimum viable product), we came across an interesting problem while streamlining this new app.The [...]

Digital Marketing Fundamentals or: How to Plan Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

A while back we covered the marketing basics for startups. If you’re jumping into this checklist without first having defined your marketing fundamentals, we highly urge you to read the other post first.If you are already caught up, or just want to head straight to the digital marketing checklist then keep on reading. Before you market, prepare to marketIt’s incredibly important to have all your [...]

Five quick and easy steps to growing a real and engaged Twitter audience.

It’s a no brainer, an engaged twitter audience who loves what you do can drive traffic to your site, recommend your content and become a source of customers for your business. Here's how to build that audience in a few simple steps. ONE: Prepare yourself for engagement. What does this mean? Well, you need to present value to your audience, and in this case it will come in [...]

SWARM Experiments, an anonymous twitter chat app.

  Today we launch a new section of the site titled SWARM Experiments. A fun collection of little web apps, libraries and feature-ettes that we we've built and find interesting. With the launch of the Experiments we're also publishing our first experiment titled "SWARMsecret", a fun little web app that lets folks anonymously tweet from the @SWARMsecret twitter account. We're [...]

One surefire way to make your pitch decks win

  A good part of the work we do at SWARM is offering support for startups, and a big part of that support is guiding founders on strategy for designing pitch decks, a necessary yet somewhat elusive skill. Luckily, we've got this down to a science, and in the past year we’ve seen our decks close over 10 million for a handful of companies and we’d like to share a bit of what [...]

Should the USPS hire consultants?

  "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." reads the inscription at the James Farley Post Office here in NYC, and perhaps it was true in 1912 when the building was erected but a hundred and two years later, the USPS has seen a bit of vision misalignment, or at least they ought to consider chipping [...]

Startups, product and marketing - understanding and using value.

Here at SWARM we work with a lot of startups.It’s the world we came from, one where we understand product idiosyncrasies and company needs. Relying on both data and experience, we are able to deliver strategy, design, and marketing solutions quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, working with these startups is a complete breeze – the company provides us with fundamental marketing, we [...]

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