Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Design

We have been living in a world of ‘clean and minimal’ for quite some time, so what’s next? Over the last several months, some of the leaders of innovative design have taken ‘minimal design’ to the next level. Facebook, Airbnb and Apple have followed a similar blueprint to simplify prominent products in a way that reflects this new trend of ‘Complexion [...]

My journey from Adobe, to Sketch, and back to Adobe for UI design. 

Last week Adobe finally released the beta version of its much hyped version of Sketch — called Adobe XD (Experience Design). The explicitly named tool is an all-in-one design suite, incorporating UX and UI tools, presentation components, and prototyping features for websites and mobile apps.I was hoping to run through and do a comparison of the two, but as I progressed this turned into a series [...] or: How we started a YouTube channel on tech and entrepreneurship.

A few months back we started the NY Emerging Tech Meetup, which is run here at SWARM HQ in the Flatiron District. Thus far, we’ve had two really exciting sessions - one on VR/AR applications and the other on connected devices.The trend of awesome sessions continues! We have a few really interesting ones coming up:Machine / deep learningQuantum computingThe quantified self and behavioral [...]

A look at interactive websites:

  At SWARM, while we're pretty focused on new products coming out of the digital space, we're also interested in how they're marketed and what those attempts mean about the brands they represent. Every now and then, its good to step away from focusing on app design and development and go back to our art school roots to discover the different meanings that brands try to project.  Let's [...]

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