Why did they replace the <.b> and <.i> tag with <.strong> and <.em>?

  A coworker asked this question. It's curious that this HTML change occurred. Most front end developers are aware that the <strong> and <em> are preferable as they are accessible styles, meaning that they encourage screen readers to note their existence, whereas <b> and <i> are ignored. But why did the HTML lords not just change the action of the <b> and [...]

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

  How much does it cost to make an iPhone or Android App is a question that we get asked quite frequently. Our team has built mobile apps for startups, Fortune 500’s and everything in between, mobile apps that have been featured in app stores and sat in the recommended section for a few weeks. So when someone asks us how much will it cost to build an app. The only honest answer [...]

SWARM Experiments | Solving the LFG Problem in Gaming with Party Up Player

   It's no secret that we like our video games. In fact, here at SWARM we even have our own Minecraft Server, and precisely because we like video games we've seen that there's a constant and ongoing problem with them, which is that unless you have a group of buddies to game with, multiplayer video games simply won't be as much fun for you.  If you want to jump into the experiment [...]

Android Fragment Animations

Here at SWARM, a design and app development company based in New York, we are focused on exploring new ways to improve Android apps. Here's a great tip on how to add some sizzle to your app, simply by using the transition and animation support built into the fragment framework. Transitions To use one of the built-in Transitions, use the setTranstion() [...]

Five quick and easy steps to growing a real and engaged Twitter audience.

It’s a no brainer, an engaged twitter audience who loves what you do can drive traffic to your site, recommend your content and become a source of customers for your business. Here's how to build that audience in a few simple steps. ONE: Prepare yourself for engagement. What does this mean? Well, you need to present value to your audience, and in this case it will come in [...]

SWARM Experiments, an anonymous twitter chat app.

  Today we launch a new section of the site titled SWARM Experiments. A fun collection of little web apps, libraries and feature-ettes that we we've built and find interesting. With the launch of the Experiments we're also publishing our first experiment titled "SWARMsecret", a fun little web app that lets folks anonymously tweet from the @SWARMsecret twitter account. We're [...]

One surefire way to make your pitch decks win

  A good part of the work we do at SWARM is offering support for startups, and a big part of that support is guiding founders on strategy for designing pitch decks, a necessary yet somewhat elusive skill. Luckily, we've got this down to a science, and in the past year we’ve seen our decks close over 10 million for a handful of companies and we’d like to share a bit of what [...]

Alternative History of Us (a.k.a. SWARM)

Sometimes when working on all sorts of things here we go down a silly path. Sometimes the silliness is so silly that keeping it doesn't make sense, other times its so silly that we want to share it. Today we'd like to share our alternate bios. Valerie is an ossom possom who like cats, candy and video games. She's an artist by night and a bed roach by day. Her skills in design are bar none, [...]

It's time to reflect on positioning

It’s time to reflect. As with any product or startup, an entrepreneur should always seek to get insight from his clients about what is and what isn’t working. What areas of the product provide the most value to the customers and then relate all that back into the business strategy. Yesterday proved to be one of those days. While talking deeply over perhaps one too many beers with one [...]

Should the USPS hire consultants?

  "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." reads the inscription at the James Farley Post Office here in NYC, and perhaps it was true in 1912 when the building was erected but a hundred and two years later, the USPS has seen a bit of vision misalignment, or at least they ought to consider chipping [...]

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