Our battles are being fought by software 😍

Newsletter | March 28th, 2017   This week we're talking about crime-fighting AI, smartphones vs. illegal logging, credit card-free ATMs, and the first zero-emission hydrail.   CRIME . Machine Learning Solves an Insider Trading Case     What would Holmes and Dr. Watson think of this one? A 2013 criminal investigation has come to light that [...]

How the (.)health domain could affect you, and other news

Newsletter | March 21st, 2017   This week we talk about testing 'rockoons' in near space, upcoming (.)health, a smartphone-only convenience store, 10x better blood testing with paper   SPACE . Using rockoons to reach orbit 🎈🚀     This month Zero2Infinity launched a 'rockoon', or a rocket-balloon hybrid, [...]

Smaller, better, faster, smarter

Newsletter | March 13th, 2017   This week we're talking about Data in an atom!, aspiring Swedish programmers, insane AI productivity, superfast supercomputers   INNOVATION . Data stored in a single atom for the first time     Humanity has just stored data in a single atom for the first [...]

Don't Waste Money on Proprietary Software for ERMs

The amount of capital funneled into Research and Development (R&D) by U.S. based tech companies is simply staggering.   Amazon takes the cake with a reportedly $13.3 billion annual spending on R&D - and while big, Amazon is only one company – so aggregate the total amount spent annually and you’re talking GDP of a small European country.   It is a given that [...]

Milestones in Mobile growth, and other news

Newsletter | March 3rd, 2017   This week we're talking about Mobile keeps growing, Youtube vs Netflix?, UPS drone delivery, Bitcoin getting a corporate boost   MOBILE . Number of global mobile users to pass 5 billion this year     A new GSMA study states that by mid-2017, there will be 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. That will be a little more [...]

No hands? No Problem.

Newsletter | November 9, 2016   This week we happily circumvent political dialogue and talk marathon running, mapping, hands-free piano playing, and good ol’ Ben Franklin instead. * * *  Fun fact: The Rubik’s cube is the best-selling product of all time. The iPhone is second. ...though, it depends on your definition of "product" ;)  * * [...]

Internet of Things: a double-edged sword?

In the age of IoT, we’re experiencing a level of connectedness like never before. Everything from our watches to cars to home devices can generate data about itself, analyze it in relation to other events, and share that information with other objects to create meaningful experiences. This technological evolution is transforming the way we access information about ourselves and our [...]

The Question of Intellectual Property Theft and Idea Stealing

Without doubt you've got your business idea and you think that it's the hottest thing since sliced bread and you're already envisioning yourself on the cover of Time and The Economist. And then the paranoia starts taking over, and you start thinking that you need to be hush hush about it, have your wife, or girlfriend sign a NDA, and install motion sensors and cameras outside your office. Ok, [...]

Everything you do at your company should create value

Everything you do at your company should create value. When deciding to venture down the road of entrepreneurship, many people will tell you that you need to define a problem, attack the problem, and of course provide a solution in order to develop a viable product. Some, or really most advocates of this theory, will transfer some form of knowledge in problem identification onto armies of wide [...]

How do you feel about computerized bugs crawling up and down your body?

Newsletter | Monday, October 24th 2016    * * *  Fun fact: Adding  /4 to the end of Facebook’s URL will take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s profile.    ROBO VEHICLES Does a 120-mile beer run justify as a “proof-of-concept” for autonomous vehicles? Otto, the self-driving vehicle company owned by Uber, announced its prototype had [...]

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