re: back to work, at least it's already Wednesday

Heyy... we hope you enjoyed your labor (free) weekend! To help you get back to the grind, here's a good mix on Twitter, waterproof phones, driverless Ubers, and more. BUSINESS Twitter takeover rumors are buzzing again, and don't expect them to go away anytime soon. Twitter is reportedly considering selling itself...but not for cheap. According to reports from Recode, a Twitter buyer would have [...]

Can you learn to walk with virtual reality?

This week we talk virtual reality, artificial intelligence, design inspiration, and productivity tips.   VIRTUAL REALITY When most people hear virtual reality they think fun and games. For paraplegic patients, virtual reality could lead to thoughts of something much more powerful - the chance of actually walking again. Yes, people who were once told they would never walk again are closer [...]

How We Grew @SWARMnyc's Twitter Account to 100k Monthly Impressions Without Lifting a Finger.

Let’s face it. Brand building for small, cash-strapped teams is tough. There’s never enough time, other things take precedence, and basic marketing activities get left for last… which means they don’t get touched.  This is problematic. Brand building is more important than people think. At least marginally important. Your ability to be recognized and discovered by [...]

Is Business School Worth it?

Business school coursework predominantly focuses on business plan writing, scalability, working capital allocation, with some of the more avant-garde schools (think tier 1 West Coast institutions) being taught by some of Silicon Valley's best. Learning the fundamentals of business is an essential starting point, just as gleaning insight from others best practices and failures is a useful [...]

What If Jewelry Could Save Your Life?

This week we talk Snapchat's search, Uber news, life-saving jewels, Olympic bodies and tips for increasing employee morale.    BUSINESS You may have heard about Snapchat's recent acquisition of search app Vurb - a smart move for Snapchat, as search was never its strong suit. From a product perspective, Vurb’s deep-linking and search capabilities could help Snapchat users [...]

Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies?

This week we rap hickies, self-powered skateboards, and emo AIs that get us. Why do Olympic swimmers have remarkably large, round hickies? Read this article on the ancient Chinese healing technique to find out. People are talking about Boosted, the electric skateboarding company that just came out with the world’s lightest electric vehicle called Boosted Board —apparently [...]

The Art of Negotiation, Positional vs Interest Based Bargaining

What is it, this negotiation? What is at stake some may ask. Basically everything, we negotiate every day, knowingly or not. Be it about the added sugar in your coffee, whether you can borrow a bucks from your friends, or if someone can lend you a pen. Negotiation encompasses all of that. Negotiation can also act as a form of conflict resolution; it can involve striking deals, working things [...]

What if tattoos could control your television?

From chatbots that help the homeless to insights on product management methodologies to tattoos that control your television. Remember the Chatbot lawyer DoNotPay that overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York? Well the bot’s creator Joshua Browder decided to tackle bigger challenges, like homelessness. With DoNotPay, users can visit the website, fill out questions [...]

Make a Resizable AVPlayer with Player Controls for Apple TV

Running videos live on an app can be tricky when accommodating screen size transitions. This is because a video player is normally given a fixed width and height, preventing it from adapting to changes in screen sizes. When we built the CBS Sports AppleTV app, we wanted users to be able to smoothly transition between small and full screens while still including player controls. Our solution? [...]

Why being first to market doesn't mean success.

  The general thought is that if you have a good idea and no one has done it just yet, or not in the way you've conceived it, then being first to market means live or die. For any startup founder, the pressure of launching first is real―especially when considering the possibility of your competitor beating you to the market, leaving you scrambling to re-evaluate your value proposition. I [...]

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