Mobile App Design for Beginners, Non-Designers, & Developers, a how-to

This is a 2016 update from the article that first appeared on CreativeBloq.  Specialists generally assume that everything they know is obvious, and need to remind themselves that isn't the case for most of the population. What specialists do have is a speed at which they make decisions in their work. This is reflective of the years of targeted work and experience, and not an assumed [...]

Taking Responsibility for Dating App Time Suck

Over the past few years, the app-making industry has been enthralled with its ability to design “engaging” user experiences. Captivating enough to get people to do things like drag their thumbs across screens literally billions of times, we have the incredible ability to capture people’s eyes, minds, and hearts. Isn’t that amazing? Don’t we feel powerful? But are we [...]

We Tried the Microsoft HoloLens, Here's the Review

Today in NYC, Microsoft ran a developer preview of the HoloLens letting a select few folks in to learn in a hands-on way. Being skeptical after the whole Google Glass experience, I didn’t think much of the product before trying it out, and boy - was I wrong. The HoloLens demo we participated in was a short 15 minute game called "X RAY". It started with a little spiel [...]

SWARM recognized as a top 30 innovator by

  We’re thrilled to announce that SWARM has been recognized as an innovation leader in the emerging technologies and interface product design space by SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum). We were one of thirty companies globally to receive the award and couldn’t be happier.SVIEF has historically seen Bill Clinton and Al Gore headline the keynotes with [...] or: How we started a YouTube channel on tech and entrepreneurship.

A few months back we started the NY Emerging Tech Meetup, which is run here at SWARM HQ in the Flatiron District. Thus far, we’ve had two really exciting sessions - one on VR/AR applications and the other on connected devices.The trend of awesome sessions continues! We have a few really interesting ones coming up:Machine / deep learningQuantum computingThe quantified self and behavioral [...]

5 Things that excite us about the new Apple TV

Having worked on the Apple TV app for a major national sports broadcaster, we’ve been really looking forward to the new Apple TV announcement, and being lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-release device these are some of the things we're really excited about in the new Apple TV,Here are 5 things we’re playing with:1. Top ShelfUntil now it was only Apple’s own apps that were allowed to be in [...]

Exploring tvOS/AppleTV and other second screen devices.

As a company, we’ve always been bullish on SmartTV and second screen applications, so when Apple announced the new tvOS paired with an AppleTV that anyone could build applications for, we were thrilled. Thrilled because we’ve already worked with AppleTV rolling our first app for the platform back in May 2015. It was for a major television network and is now accessed by millions of [...]

Introducing NYC's first Emerging Tech Meetup

  When SWARM started as a Mobile Agency it was always our goal to sit at the forefront of emerging technologies, the majority of our team owns some form of smart watch or at least a wearable, we enjoy experimenting with new gadgets, IoT (Internet of Things) interface design, beacons, and really anything new and interesting that we can get our hands on. A part of this [...]

Example Mobile Spec Sheet / Scope of Work

Feel free to take this example spec sheet and use it. This spec/scope of work doc will help you define your mobile application conceptually and will be a lifesaver when approaching designers / developers for estimates. If you think we can improve on this in any way, please let us know in the comments, otherwise enjoy, and please link back.   Example App – iOS or Android [...]

Can a graphic designer create a mobile app mockup?

  At SWARM, a mobile design and development agency we look for interesting industry specific questions that the community may have quite often. A question I found on Quora asked "Can a graphic designer create a mobile app mockup?" With the design space becoming more specialized, I took an interest in discovering the answer. The answer is “yes, but…” When [...]

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