A Kickstarter Success

StandStand is the only truly portable standing desk, designed with the user mind, it’s strong, lightweight, ergonomic and made in the U.S.A.
When we were introduced to StandStand, they had just closed out an incredible Kickstarter campaign. The product was something people wanted, but the company had set up a temporary site that didn’t match the quality standard of the StandStand desk company.
The StandStand placeholder website was detracting from a product that could clearly sell itself. Our goal for the project was to identify what people loved about the idea of using Stand Stand and present that strongly on their website, in a way that was as beautifully designed as the product itself.

A Great Product

The company’s new site would be their web presence, storefront, and information portal. We needed to create something that would fit all three while showcasing the quality of the product, and giving the client the flexibility to manage and update their own content and product portfolio moving forward.
We focused on designing a site that was engaging and functional, but also made it easy for the prospective customer to buy the company’s main product - the StandStand - desk.

What We Learned

Working with a Kickstarter team on website design was exciting because we already knew what people wanted most in the product. Kickstarter’s built-in community element showed us what to highlight to help StandStand sell their product most effectively. We read through all of the campaign comments, which was huge in helping us to understand their target customers. Getting an understanding of why StandStand is valuable to its target audience also convinced us to buy one of their desks for our office!
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