Feel free to take this example spec sheet and use it. This spec/scope of work doc will help you define your mobile application conceptually and will be a lifesaver when approaching designers / developers for estimates. If you think we can improve on this in any way, please let us know in the comments, otherwise enjoy, and please link back.  

Example App – iOS or Android Functional Spec

 Brief: The Example app lets users view and subscribes to content feeds. Each content feed is made of user-generated content that is submitted via our already built web portal and curated by the Example app team.

Use Case:We see news on many different networks and in great quantities but it’s difficult to make sense of it all. We want users to have a place to find the most relevant content in any category that users send to Example app.

Design + Assets

  • We have a logo but the website and mobile app will need to be styled.


  • RESTful interface
  • Access via Basic auth
  • All endpoints return JSON
  • Roughly 2 dozen endpoints support the iOS app

User Access Rules

  • Non-users can access the app for free. They can browse the app content without an account.
  • In order to post or engage with app content the user must create an account.
  • Users need to subscribe to a feed to see it’s full contents, and only a content preview will be available.
  • There are two types of content in the Example app
    • Free feeds, where users need to have a free Example App account to subscribe to these feeds.
    • Premium feeds. User need either a premium subscription to Example App to see these.
  • A user must also have an Example app account to save feeds for later

App Architecture

  • 3 top-level sections
    • Discover
    • My Feeds
      • Filterable by active and saved for later
    • Profile (Settings)
  • Guest view
    • Only shown to non-logged-in users
    • Replaces My Feeds and Profile sections
  • Categories list
    • Lists all categories
    • Accessible via Discover
  • Category view (e.g. Design)
    • Lists feeds by category
    • Accessible via Discover
    • Auto-pagination
    • Filterable
  • Search
    • Articles and other relevant content.
    • Accessible via Discover
  • Feed view
    • Shows a feed
    • Can be saved for later
    • Can be saved for offline access
    • Shows list of videos for the feed
    • Once an enrolled user watches a video, it is marked as completed
    • Accessible from any touch-point, and likely deep-linkable in future
  • Download Manager
    • Coordinates feeds currently downloading for offline viewing
    • Accessible via My Feeds
  • Sign In / Sign Up view
    • Auths a user via FB and via email
    • Accessible from any touch-point
  • Video Player
    • Plays a video or sequence of videos
    • Currently accessible from the Feed view, but likely other touch-points in future
    • We use Brightcove to deliver their HLS media via their sdk.

Offline Access

  • With an Example Premium subscription, users are able to save feeds for access offline.
  • Media files are delivered by our API (to be built).

Offline Access

  • The app will integrate with it via REST API and save content for later viewing
  • Everything is delivered via our API.

Upgrading to a Premium subscription

  • Free Example users can upgrade to a Premium subscription in the iOS app via iTunes.
    • Given a 7-day free trial before they're charged.

Beta Distribution + Crash Reporting

  • All handled via HockeyApp


  • Crashlytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Parse


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