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Make your website available to the widest possible audience through web accessibility best practices

When you have an idea for a new or improved website or digital product, sometimes you don’t know how to start bringing this idea into the real world. That’s where we come in!

By taking you through a streamlined step-by-step process, SWARM simplifies the process of product innovation. Together, we front-load the work that validates your product idea and mitigate many risks of launching or rebuilding a digital product. 

At SWARM NYC, we are a digital product design and innovation agency – we develop product innovations that both inspire users and validate your business growth goals. With our accessibility assessment roadmap, where we will work with you together in a strategic partnership s to take a deep dive into the future of your website in order to broaden your audience and bring you into full compliance. 

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“Having SWARM keeping an eye on the site in this way gives us the confidence in knowing how well our site is performing overall. “

SWARM Client

Product Team, People TV

Broaden your audience, improve your website
through accessible design


Website Accessibility


Discovery & Definition

What you do:

Provide us with details of your current website:

  • You’ll need to give us access to the backend and front end of the site
  • Tell us how many pages you’d like to examine as part of the scope

What we do:

At this phase we’re zeroing in on which areas of your site will have the biggest strategic impact. Since accessibility work scales with the size of the site, we’re looking to help you achieve the quickest wins by looking at a limited scope that has high impact.

Research & Engineering Analysis

What you do:

During this phase, we may need to meet with your team:

  • Any relevant internal designers, engineers, or other technical stakeholders.

What we do:

In this phase, we examine your site looking for thresholds as defined by an international standard for accessibility. We dig into the code on your site to determine which elements meet standards and which require improvements. 

Resourcing Analysis

What you do:

During this phase, you’ll join us for one in-depth work session:

  • Some accessibility guidelines require work on your part, so we’ll want to ensure we understand the team you have and their capabilities.

What we do:

In this phase, we’ll assess opportunities for trainings, documentation and best practices that you’ll need to incorporate into your existing workflows.


Accessibility Improvement Roadmap Report

What you do:

During this phase, there are no work sessions – so grab a coffee and relax!

You’ll need to have some availability, to answer questions if they arise during the construction of the report.

What we do:

In this phase, we compile what we learn into a phased approach for next steps.

Depending on the needs of the project, we’ll provide one or two plausible directions, in the form of a report and roadmap.

We’ll also provide guidance on how to work with any team to build out the plan for improving accessibility on your site.

Presentation of the Accessibility Roadmap

What you do:

During this phase, you’ll join us for a final presentation, and you will receive all project deliverables:

  • Project resourcing and needs analysis (definition document).
  • Audit of existing website, or other research report.
  • Engineering analysis.
  • A/AA Assessment for the site.
  • ADA compliance recommendations.
  • Roadmap for future development.

What we do:

In this final phase, everyone involved in the project comes back together to go through the exploratory findings, and recommendations on how best to move forward.

Taking the form of a “product roadmap”, we outline potential pathways to further develop your product or idea – now that you have greater understanding of how to mitigate risks associated with accessible design, engineering, ongoing maintenance, and product innovation.

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