Target Groups Application Pipeline Setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ EC2:

  1. Target Groups ⇒ Create target group

  1. Create 2 groups

  • Ludlow2-api-qa

  • Ludlow2-api-prod

The port doesn’t matter, keep it as default: 80.

Load Balancer setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ EC2 ⇒ Load Balancers ⇒ Create Load Balancer

  1. Select: Application Load Balancer

  1. Add 2 Listeners: HTTP / HTTPS, Select All Availability Zones.

  1. Choose a certificate

  1. Select an existing security group: default

  1. New target group or Select existing one: Ludlow2-api-prod. Port doesn’t matter, keep it as default: 80.

  1. No need to Register Targets, which will be register automatically by our ECS Services.

  1. Review and Create

  1. Select the new created Load Balancer: Ludlow2 ⇒ Listeners: 80/443 ⇒ View/edit rules

  1. Add a rule: If Host is forward to Target Group: Ludlow2-api-qa

EC2 Instance setup

The EC2 instance where we need to add an inbound rule letting a Load Balancer redirect the request, should be created while creating ECS Cluster below.

  1. AWS console ⇒ EC2 ⇒ Instances ⇒ Ludlow2 ⇒ click Security groups

  1. Inbound ⇒ Edit

  1. Add Rule, Type pick All TCP, Source input the Security Group ID(sg-964aa2ef) from Load Balancer: Ludlow2

ECS Cluster setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ Elastic Container Service:

  1. Clusters ⇒ Create Cluster

  1. Select EC2 Linux + Networking

  1. Use default EC2 instance.

  1. Networking use existing VPC, Subnet, and Security group. Security group should be the same as the one in Load Balancer, i.e. default.

ECR Repositories setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ Elastic Container Service ⇒ Repositories ⇒ Create repository

  1. Create two repositories: ludlow2-api-qa, ludlow2-api-prod.

  1. Write down the commands, which will be used in CI platform: TeamCity.

ECS Task Definitions setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ Elastic Container Service ⇒ Task Definitions ⇒ Create new Task Definition

  1. Select EC2 as launch type compatibility

  1. Configure task and container definitions

  1. Add container

  1. Standard configuration:

  • Image points to the Repository we just created: ludlow2-api-qa

  • Memory Limits should set to Hard limit for qa, just in case of affecting the prod Task’s memory

  • Port mappings: Host port must be set to 0, in order to register to a Target Group with a dynamic port, which allow two different Tasks(Blue/Green Deployment) running at the same time, one for old version image, one for new version image. Container port is whatever you set in application’s Dockerfile.

  1. Advanced container configuration

  • STORAGE AND LOGGING ⇒ Log configuration ⇒ check Auto-configure CloudWatch Logs, this makes sure all the console log will go to CloudWatch.

ECS Services setup

  1. AWS console ⇒ Elastic Container Service ⇒ Clusters ⇒ Ludlow2

  1. Services ⇒ Create

  1. Configure services

  • Make sure Maximum percent * Number of tasks >= Number of tasks + 1, letting your new task can be started while the old one is stopping.

  1. Configure network

  • Load balancer type: Application Load Balancer

  • Select Load Balancer: Ludlow2, Click Add to load balancer

  • Target group name, pick Ludlow2-api-qa