Digital art pieces can be great for inspiration when you’re stuck and trying to work through a problem. Notwithstanding, they’re also excellent at burning through a few hours at work because they are undeniably a wonderful distraction. In this post I’ve collected a few places that I like and dislike, so go for inspiration, and comments welcome. Digital art design inspiration is all around us:

Artist Maria A. Aristidou creates watercolor style drawings using coffee as her medium. Her work depicts logos, brands, television characters, and other pop culture icons, reminding us the medium doesn’t matter. Remember when they did the Madonna in feces in the Brooklyn museum? Hrm, maybe the medium does matter.

3D Printing Inpiration 

Beautifully 3d-printed space chairs. If I’m being honest, I find these disgusting and hideous, objects that have so many hole remind me of sponges filled with bacteria and all sorts of sea creatures. If you want me to cringe, then please decorate your office with these. My feelings aside, the value here is in approaching our physical space from a viewpoint that no longer has to consider the same manufacturing technicalities, we can now create and build in a digital landscape and transform that to life. This alien piece, reminiscent of various stages in Mass Effect 3, is the beginning of us creating objects with lattices that wouldn’t have been practical or realistic before. Eww, sponges.


A gorgeous website with splashes of light reminiscent of Tron, Malevich, and Miró. Excellent use of negative space and interaction design. This work feels classical and modern at once. While it’s simply a light show, not much interaction is had, it’s a great vision of where we can take our digital experiences.

Species in Pieces 

A sophisticated use of transitions and animation, taking a sculptural approach to represent illustrations of animals, each blending into the next. These guys use a very smart transition effect to tell their story.

So Cruel 

An ad for the new “Coors Altitude.” Its worth a walkthrough without the music, but seems to make a better art project than an ad. A bored man chases a woman through a building of all white until he reaches her at the top, where the world is just a dance party. Conceptually, it’s a pretty good piece, but in execution this work feels awkward, cold, empty,and insecure. No one in the scene is happy or satisfied, instead they’re simply forced to repeat their action in a dizzy monotone, bored. I don’t see how any of these emotions are positive for a brand association.

Here at SWARM, a design and app development team based in New York, we’re always looking for new and exciting digital works. If you know of any, send them along!