Enrich your customer journey to transform the way clients view your product and brand, increase retention, adoption and lifetime value. 


Customer experience design is the practice of designing products while keeping in mind how the user will experience the product—before, during and after their transaction with it takes place.

Our approach to Customer Experience Design

Through each touchpoint of the process, the users’ considerations are valued to produce a memorable experience in order to reinforce brand loyalty. Companies care about their clients, and this is how they show it.

CX design isn’t a medium, but rather a strategy to develop and retain brand engagement. Repeated, meaningful interaction through all steps of the consumer journey is pivotal to product success.

In the past, companies had the luxury of relying solely on the product they deliver to drive new revenue streams. In today’s business climate, marketing through customer experience design is simply unavoidable.

SWARM’s Customer Experience Design Process

The three-pronged process bridges the gap between consumer and company to establish a symbiotic relationship between the two. The consumer has a pleasant purchasing experience, while the company gains a fan in the process. Empathy, insight, and perspective are a necessity in working with (rather than for) the customers you plan on interacting with.


This is the customer experience journey:

Discover – The importance of having an objective view of your organization (similarly to how a dissociated consumer would view your brand) can’t be stressed enough. Brands typically hold themselves in high regard, yet don’t hold themselves to an equivalent standard. Customer experience complacency stagnates brand growth. In this stage, we gain intel regarding your brand. Through research and development, we discover what your users value.

Configure – Working from the ground up, the customer experience journey needs to be fundamentally reshaped. Specifically (and based on the observations and subsequent findings from the previous step), interactions must be broken down into different sections of company reform. These include digital transformation, reorientation of company culture and staying on top of trends and innovation within your field. Hyper-organization and detailed analysis of every aspect of your business is the imperative first step. If you’re in the dark, your customers are too. In the stage, we apply our research to reflect what users are looking for from your brand.

Restructure – Combining brand analyzation from the ‘Configure’ stage with consumer insight acquired during the ‘Discover’ stage, reorganization is finally possible. We take what customer experience knowledge you’ve obtained while observing your consumer base’s ideology, and shape it within all areas of your institution. This stage serves as the culmination in the customer experience journey. Working alongside all levels of your organization, the design is implemented within your culture to maintain the mindset of an optimal customer experience.

Customer experience journey should be every brand’s priority.

‘Discover’, ‘Configure’ and ‘Restructure’ serve as the three pillars of CX design, with each stage being as crucial as the last. Knowing the customers, knowing your brand and the intersection between the two is what sets brands apart. Adoption of these methods to enrich customer experience is invaluable for brand growth.



Customer Experience Design Case Studies
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