Innovation at a Fast Pace

For their first Apple TV app, CBS needed a team that would help them master the new platform experience.
That mastery had to come quickly for CBS, who were up against a tight deadline and many uncertainties in the leadup to the debut of Apple TV 1. At the time, Apple TV was a new platform, allowing access for development to only a few major brands, and delivering on it would require collaborative and rapid learning.

As members of the first round of access to Apple TV, we paved the way identifying the platform’s idiosyncrasies. This had to be done in-project, and agility in project management allowed us to accommodate timelines and priorities even in light of such uncertainty. Working closely with the CBS Interative team, we were able to deliver a product that met Apple’s submission deadline.

Working closely with the CBSi team on prioritization and iterations planning, we were able to deliver a polished product that met Apple’s submission deadline. The app launched in early May 2015 and was immediately picked up on major apple blogs like MacRumors and Appleinsider, and is currently enjoying millions of views a month.

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Since launch, the CBS Sports app has been featured by Apple, even making the number one spot in the Apple App Store. We continue to work with CBSi on implementing enhancements and new features into the AppleTV application, and will be bringing a native experience, with a new innovative design for the new apple TV in Q2 2016.


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