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When most people hear virtual reality they think fun and games. For paraplegic patients, virtual reality could lead to thoughts of something much more powerful - the chance of actually walking again. Yes, people who were once told they would never walk again are closer than ever to taking real steps, all thanks to VR technology




How can doctors get patients on the right prescription, and at the right dose, faster? This is the question that puzzled Jim Schwoebel, engineer of NeuroLex, whose brother experienced 3 psychotic breakdowns before being diagnosed on an effective regimen. The solution? Using an artificial intelligence model to analyze linguistic cues - tone, word choice, length of a phrase - in order to predict if a patient will suffer from psychosis.



Dyslexia is characterized by a difficulty processing language; it forces people to interpret the world differently - which, for designers, can be advantageous. London-based industrial designer Jim Rokos curated an exhibit called Dyslexic Design, showcasing creative work from dyslexic designers, like a lopsided wine decanter, a gorilla-shaped parka, and a chandelier that looks a bit like an atom - to name a few. 



A designer's most valuable asset is her creativity, which is why it needs constant care and cultivation. Sometimes all it takes is keeping your eyes open for inspiration to help break out of the box. Follow this designer’s journey as she runs through a variety of techniques and color combinations.(We found this one below by Adam Avery to be pretty telling).




Oh writer’s block… we all can relate to feeling like we just can’t get our thoughts down on paper. We keep typing and erasing, typing and erasing. If you’re an intuitive thinker, this article on a 5-step system to writing clearly should help, and check out the app “Rough Draft,” a great guide for writing too.



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