Marketing technologists are a new breed of professionals within the technology industry. They bridge the gap between marketing and technology, often specializing in the areas of digital marketing and analytics to help businesses build the perfect marketing strategy. They have the technical know-how to create innovative strategies for acquiring and engaging customers, with the ability to transform a business into an online presence.

For tech startups and software/app developers, these marketing technologists can be a major game-changer in terms of the success of their product launch. Not only do they possess the technical skills required to make the software user-friendly, but they also understand the psychology behind marketing that can attract the right users for the product.

Engaging a marketing technologist can be the key to a successful launch — but when is the right time? Let’s dive in.

What Is a Marketing Technologist, and What Do They Do?

There’s a lot more to modern marketing than meets the eye, and understanding the technology behind it is key. That’s where marketing technologists come in–they are specialized experts in technology and data, who work to optimize and streamline marketing strategies and workflows with various apps and software.

From content marketing to Google Analytics to customer experience optimization, marketing technologists know all the ins and outs of marketing software and how to use them for improved marketing campaigns. This is why having a professional, experienced marketing technologist on staff is so important for businesses these days.

When a business needs to hire a marketing technologist, they will look to a job description that reflects the fundamentals of what this professional should know about technology, software, and data management, plus all the basics of marketing strategy.

The role of a marketing technologist is an ever-evolving one, as the technology underlying modern marketing also continues to evolve and develop.  So it’s important for business to find a marketing technologist who’s well-versed in the industry standards and has the know-how to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments.

Some of the roles of a marketing technologist include helping marketers leverage relevant tools, managing marketing operations, optimizing customer experiences, and developing marketing campaigns using technology. The right technology solutions can do wonders for a business’s marketing efforts, so it’s important to bring in the experts to ensure that the latest tools are being used efficiently to achieve the desired results.

The Key Tasks for the Role of a Marketing Technologist

Develop and Optimize Workflows: A marketing technologist is responsible for creating and optimizing workflows for marketing campaigns, content marketing, customer experience, and other marketing efforts. This involves utilizing a variety of marketing software and tools, such as Google Analytics, to ensure maximum efficiency and success.

Manage Apps: A marketing technologist is also responsible for managing and maintaining any apps that are associated with marketing efforts, such as customer loyalty programs or marketing automation tools. This may involve troubleshooting any technical issues and ensuring that the apps are functioning properly.

Integrate Data or Platforms: Marketing technologists are experts at blending different marketing tools and resources to make them work best for your company’s needs. For example, they might integrate multiple platforms or different data points via API or automation. They can even combine data and platforms from sales and marketing to see the big picture.

Analyze Data: A marketing technologist is also responsible for analyzing data from a variety of sources to identify areas for improvement, trends, and other insights. This data can be used to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns and strategies.

Implement Best Practices: A marketing technologist must stay up to date on the latest marketing best practices and be able to implement them to improve marketing efforts. This may involve using marketing automation tools, refining target customer personas, and more.

By combining technical skills with marketing experience, a marketing technologist can make a huge impact on the success of a company or organization’s marketing efforts. By understanding their role, a marketing technologist can ensure that workflows are efficient and optimized, apps are functioning properly, job descriptions are accurate, data is analyzed effectively, and that best practices are implemented.

Should You Engage a Marketing Technologist?

In today’s increasingly digital technology landscape, it’s becoming more important to stay ahead of the latest trends and tools in marketing technology. A marketing technologist is someone who has a deep knowledge of the technologies and can help develop strategies to make sure businesses stay current and competitive. 

By bringing in a marketing technologist, businesses can stay up-to-date on the newest and most effective marketing technologies, stay ahead of the game, and keep delivering the best customer experience.

These types of businesses need to contact a marketing technologist:

Businesses That Don’t Want to Fall Behind on Modern Marketing Tools and Strategies: As digital marketing changes constantly, it can be difficult for a business to keep up. A marketing technologist can help identify opportunities where your business can use new technologies to its advantage. This could mean introducing new forms of automation, optimizing customer data, getting staff accustomed to interfaces on new marketing tech, or launching campaigns with more sophisticated tactics that can reach customers more effectively.

But it also means understanding the ephemeral technology landscape and ensuring the business isn’t falling behind competitively. When you employ a marketing technologist, you get the benefit of their insights on the current tech solutions and the feasibility of implementing them within your organization.

Marketing Teams That Have a Lot of Creative Power but Lack Technical Knowledge and Experience: Many marketers are great at brainstorming campaigns and coming up with ideas but lack the deep technical insight needed to execute them. A marketing technologist can provide the much-needed technical direction and content management in those cases, ensuring that campaigns run smoothly and hit their goals efficiently.

When you have a marketing technologist on board, you’ll have a better handle on the technology landscape, which will help you come up with creative campaigns more quickly.

Businesses That Want to Keep Up With Tech-Minded Competitors: Your marketing team needs the management and expertise of someone experienced to focus team members on the most productive strategies. This person can help eliminate distractions from ineffective tactics and prioritize tech solutions.

A marketing technologist is a valuable resource when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and driving success in your business operations. They can help your team understand the technology ecosystem and spot opportunities to outpace the competition and stay on track with customer demands.

The Answer to When You Should Engage a Marketing Technologist

If you truly want to know when you should be engaging a marketing technologist, it’s now. And if you can’t now, it’s as soon as you have the capacity.

The marketing technology landscape is constantly on the rise and fast-morphing. New technology tools are emerging, and some are becoming obsolete. It’s become necessary for organizations to employ a marketing technologist to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their marketing efforts.

A marketing technologist utilizes both marketing and technology skills to strategize and implement marketing campaigns that are data-driven and customized to target audiences. They have the technical and analytic knowledge to identify and measure key metrics, allowing them to assess the success of each campaign and make informed decisions about future initiatives. That’s why it is so beneficial to engage marketing technologists early on instead of waiting.

If you do choose to work with one, marketing technologist roles will vary depending on the organization and size of the marketing team. Even small organizations or those with a limited marketing department can benefit from engaging a marketing technologist to drive the performance of their campaigns.

For larger organizations with a more established marketing team, a marketing technologist can become an integral part of the team, working alongside marketing managers, marketers, and marketing professionals to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing initiatives.

Engaging a marketing technologist should form an integral part of any organization’s marketing strategy in order to ensure success and longevity. With the increasing complexity of the marketing technology landscape, there’s no better time to engage a marketing technologist and make sure your organization is taking full advantage of the latest tools and insights available.

Digital Marketing Is a Crucial Component in Getting New Tech Startups off the Ground

As more tech startups seek to enter the ever-evolving business landscape, they must ensure they have a strong digital marketing strategy in order to compete. This is where marketing departments and roles such as marketing technologists become invaluable in helping them gain the visibility they need. These roles are data-driven roles that require marketing managers to be extremely familiar with metrics and analytics. They must be able to measure the ROI of their campaigns, analyze customer behavior data, and understand user experience to truly optimize their strategy.

Marketing technologists must also be able to create and track multiple marketing campaigns, from email and content marketing to social media campaigns. Ultimately, a great digital marketing strategy requires marketing professionals to be able to recognize trends and create a plan of action that is customized to the needs of the startup. Additionally, they must be able to adjust those strategies based on data-driven results to stay competitive in the market.

By leveraging the expertise of marketing technologists and other marketing professionals, tech startups can be confident that their digital strategies are optimized for success. Having a data-driven approach and marketing professionals who understand the complex tech landscape can help with launching a successful tech business.

More Than Just Tech, Marketing Technologists Must Understand the Market

It is also important to note that marketing technologists must be well-versed in market research and customer segmentation to successfully execute a digital marketing strategy. Understanding the customer’s needs and preferences and capitalizing on those insights can help tech startups craft campaigns that are both effective and engaging. By using data to inform their decisions and creating campaigns tailored to their target audience, tech startups can reach the right audience and deliver quality leads and conversions.

Digital marketing is also a great way to ensure that tech startups remain top-of-mind with their target customers. By engaging customers through various digital channels, tech startups can build relationships with their customers, which can help lead to increased loyalty and customer retention. Additionally, by using the vast amounts of data collected from the various platforms, tech startups can gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape and capitalize on any opportunities that may arise.

Finally, tech startups must ensure that their digital marketing efforts are measurable. They should use analytics to track the performance of their campaigns and ensure that their strategies are optimized for success. Analyzing this data will allow them to continually refine their approach and adjust as needed.

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