This week we talk about testing ‘rockoons’ in near space, the upcoming (.)health domain, a smartphone-only convenience store, 10x better blood testing with paper


Using rockoons to reach orbit 🎈🚀

This month Zero2Infinity launched a ‘rockoon’, or a rocket-balloon hybrid, to about 82,000 feet. Rockoons go into into the upper atmosphere by a balloon, where a rocket separates, and then ignites. Why fight gravity when you can put gravity to work?

Zero2Infinity’s latest test showcases one of many innovative tactics the commercial satellite delivery industry has been using to meet forecasted demand. Revenues from the global satellite industry have doubled in the past decade. More than 10,000 commercial satellites are planned for launch in the next decade.


What does the new .health domain mean?
A new .health domain is set to be rolled out later this year, and it could have a big impact. Millions scour the web for medical advice (1 in 20 searches are attributed to health), but those searches aren’t even that good. One study says that only 3 of the first 10 searches are considered ‘highly useful’ for self-diagnosis.
Regulation behind who can register a .health domain may help users filter out inaccurate and less helpful medical websites. .health will be given a ‘regulated’ designation. This is opposed to the ‘highly regulated’ designation that will be applied to the .medical, .surgery, and .doctor domains, which are still in the works. Maybe better domains can help fight rising cyberchondria.


The first unmanned convenience store, bring your smartphone
If you want to buy something at this new store, just pick it up, scan it with your phone, and leave. The new Wheelys convenience store is… the most convenient. Wheelys opened its first store in a small town in Sweden last year, and this month opened its first ‘busy’ store in Shanghai.
Being app-based, all purchases are done instantly through your phone. The app also automatically opens the doors for you, otherwise the store is inaccessible. Wheelys is going to need to move fast. Amazon started private testing for their own staffless convenience store in Seattle end of last year.


Blood now tested with special paper, it’s faster and cheaper

Up until this week, finding your blood type required lab equipment and a bit of patience. But what if you are in a remote area or war zone? That crucial piece of information may not be available to you or medical professions. Fortunately, Chinese researchers have developed a new blood test with an innovative paper-testing method. It has 99.9% accuracy, is more affordable, and faster. Where typical methods take around 10 to 20 minutes, the new method takes 30 seconds.

The test relies on chemical reactions between blood serum proteins, antibodies, and common dye. Each paper strip contains antibodies that can recognize blood types, and most importantly, change color depending on whether a blood group antigen is present. Amazing.

…let’s end with some new technology

Joto’s a smart whiteboard that draws your designs for you. Lazy, and smart. 😯