Hi friends,

We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about our weekly newsletter (Ludlow.io), and we thought we’d share our story – why we created one, how we decided to revamp it, and then the exciting stuff. We want to thank you for all your support (you guys are awesome, really).

As some of you know, we’re a modest sized team here in NYC. Bootstrapped with little time to devote to outbound marketing. Knowing full well the benefits of brand building, we looked at ways to maximize this aspect of our marketing funnel while minimizing the time we would allot to it. Questions were, how do we show our friends, audience, and potential customers that our team is passionate about tech, that we have funny, smart dialogues on things like machine learning, and that we have real insight on the latest product news? Newsletters? We already had a list of 1600 emails. The question was: where do we source the material?

“Look at our Slack channels,” one of our team members, Alex Hartwell, suggested. Slack showcased our quirky team culture, and it was the platform we were already engaged with, meaning we didn’t have to spend more time curating content. So we thought: why not share the content we already discuss in Slack in a weekly newsletter?

So here we are 8 months in.

We’ve grown our subscriber list almost two-fold, from 1600 to 3,000. Our website traffic has increased drastically, and the feedback from good friends and clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

We tested our assumption that if we used curated content from Slack in a newsletter then this would 1. save us time and 2. provide value for our audience. We decided to build our own platform that connects Slack to Mailchimp, so that other small teams can easily create newsletters with this simple strategy.

Long story short… after heavy brainstorming and sleepless nights coding, we are proud to announce that our idea is a reality: Ludlow.io. Ludlow takes content your team is sharing on Slack and beautifully arranges it for you to send out as a Mailchimp newsletter. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes on mobile or web.

Ludlow is a real passion project for us, and we’re excited to announce that Ludlow is available in early beta. Click here to sign up for early access! We’re excited to see how Ludlow.io can help your team, so sign up, stay tuned as we keep building.

All the best,

Team Ludlow @SWARM

As always, check out our blog for more. That’s it for this week. ✌️