SWARM is excited to be sponsoring season 3 of the podcast Cut Your Learning Curve, a podcast about learning and the intersection of work and technology. In this season Nate Cooper, managing partner at SWARM is joined by Eve MacKnight, Director of Learning to discuss topics pertinent to life and work in our digital age.

While the term “freelance” has been in use since the 1800s, it was the development of the Internet that enabled the rapidly growing freelance marketplaces that we have today. Now freelancers are available from around the world; they generally work on a set of tasks for an organization on a short term basis. 

SWARM is back this week with its second interview on Facebook Live! Throughout this season of podcasts, Nate and Eve have been talking about how we interact and connect in the workplace. We are all becoming more digitally connected; the world is becoming more flat while more channels for instant communication are appearing by the day. In this fluid working environment, building trust and lasting relationships has proven to be more valuable than ever.

This Friday Nate and Eve will be interviewing Michael Roderick of Small Pond Enterprises. Small Pond Enterprises develops tools and techniques to help build powerful, meaningful relationships in today’s fast moving business world. We will be asking Michael about how Covid and the last year of remote work has impacted networking, and what he sees on the horizon as employees start to return to the office.

Please join us on Facebook Live as Nate and Eve discuss with Michael how to maximize your connections and build a solid relationship strategy that serves your business.

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