Today we launch a new section of the site titled SWARM Experiments.

A fun collection of little web apps, libraries and feature-ettes that we we’ve built and find interesting.

With the launch of the Experiments we’re also publishing our first experiment titled “SWARMsecret“, a fun little web app that lets folks anonymously tweet from the @SWARMsecret twitter account. We’re also open sourcing the code on our GitHub account. So what’s the implementation?Imagine you’re at a party, a big party, there’s a couple hundred people, they’re all a little tipsy, there’s a big screen that says you can anonymously tweet at folks at the event. What happens? The pilot for what is now SWARMsecret at Internet Week New York after party at the DL in the Lower East Side, NYC. The results didn’t disappoint. Well….

Some examples included:


Shot of the WebApp at Internet Week New York

I like turtles.

“Guy in black shirt. You look good. I’m drunk.”

“Fernanda rulzz the bar. Guys watch out!”

“To the guy with the great ass in the black blazer… Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me”

In short a collection of fun, engaging, sometimes funny tweets from people at an event, all displayed on a big screen for everyone to read and participate in, which made it all a lot more fun. Now here, for you to enjoy.But wait, there’s more. ;)We’ve also made is ridiculously easy to deploy. All you have to do is connect a Twitter account through OAuth and grab an id from a Follow Widget, deploy, and let anyone on the internet tweet from it anonymously. Super fun at parties. Try it out, or grab the code here, and if you want to see this experiment live, come to the next Startup Funeral, to be held Nov 14th.