A few months back we started the NY Emerging Tech Meetup, which is run here at SWARM HQ in the Flatiron District. From it, SWARMcast.tv was born. Thus far, we’ve had two really exciting sessions. One on VR/AR applications and the other on connected devices. The trend of awesome sessions continues! We have a few really interesting ones coming up:

  • Machine / deep learning
  • Quantum computing
  • The quantified self and behavioral change
  • Real live holograms (not kidding)

We’re not only excited about this stellar lineup, but we’re also thrilled to be learning so much from our panelists. It’s been an honor listening to them disseminate their knowledge. We’re electrified to see who we get into the room next! It’s always been a goal of ours to help spread knowledge of emerging technologies with this tech meet up. Which is why we’ve been recording them.

Although it took us a bit longer than we wanted to post the vids, they’re finally online. Going forward, recordings will be made available in much more timely manner.So here they are, in order of appearance, our first two NY Emerging Tech Meetups. Beyond the Oculus: AR/VR Applications Panelists were Joseph Werle, the CTO for Littlstar and Sophia Dominguez, founder of All Things VR.Connected Devices and the Smart HomeWe spoke with Robert Cervelione of cerver.org and Oscar Torres of Keen Home about the current status of IoT, connected devlices, cloud to cloud, and some of the challenges facing this emerging technology.And see you at the next meetup.