Heyy… we hope you enjoyed your labor (free) weekend! To help you get back to the grind, here’s a good mix on Twitter, waterproof phones, driverless Ubers, and more.


Twitter takeover rumors are buzzing again, and don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. Twitter is reportedly considering selling itself…but not for cheap. According to reports from Recode, a Twitter buyer would have to fork over 18 billion.



Remember that time you dropped your phone in the toilet? Or maybe it was the unexpected torrential downpour during a long run that wiped it out. Rumor has it Apple’s next iPhone will be waterproof, which means our phones may survive their next bath.


Spotted by evelb: an Uber car that looks a lot like the driverless ones in Pittsburgh…but here’s the thing, it’s not driverless. Turns out Uber recently launched two odd, yet similar-looking cars: self-driving Uber vehicles and ones with multi camera equipped “mapping data”. The difference? The mapping cars are driven by people, and the goal is to improve core elements of the Uber experience, like drop-off points and best routes for drivers.


What does an engineer do when he wants his twin babies to get more sleep? A/B test! Read how this dad used an Agile approach to determine if he could hack his kids sleeping patterns.


If you had to come up with an icon for a gender-neutral bathroom, what would it look like? Base Design, Siegel+Gale, Brand Union, and Brand New School were asked to come up with an idea. We think the one below by Geoff Cook and Min Lew is spot on.

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