Paid and Free Stock Photo Resources to Use in Your Design Work

Photography and imagery both play integral parts in communicating value, product quality, and can greatly enhance the user experience.  But sometimes, a project simply doesn't have the budget nor necessity for a professional photographer. While working with a photographer will drastically increases the quality of the content, and if you can afford it we highly encourage you to do so, stock [...]

Microsoft's Missed XBOX Opportunity

With over 80 million units sold you could say that the XBOX 360 was a runaway success, you could say that by offering living room apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN, Facebook and similar, Microsoft started to change the way that consumers interact with their living rooms. You could say these things, but you’d be missing an altogether larger opportunity that Microsoft disregarded, and from [...]

An Exercise in Branding Lower Manhattan - This is LoMa

  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Daria Siegel from the Downtown Alliance. In part we discussed our work at SWARM, though the majority of our time was spend discussing one of the Alliance's programs - branded as LaunchLM. A relatively new initiative that is seeking to diversify the types of companies that exist in the lower part of manhattan. For those unfamiliar with the [...]

The Benefits of Paired Design

  The team over at Pivotal Labs, a NYC & SF Dev shop, are big proponents of Pair Programming. This is a programming methodology where two developers sit next to each other at two computers that are showing the same screen so they can work on the same code together at the same time. This has many benefits. Neither becomes distracted checking email or updating Facebook so their time is [...]

Design Resources for Low Budget Startups and NonProfit Organizations

  We've worked with many a startup before starting SWARM and one thing is common among all of them, they're strapped for cash, and good design can get pretty expensive and fast. So while this problem isn't exclusive to startups or non profits, reducing design costs can help you fatten up your bottom line.Below are a series of options for reducing the cost of design services and making them [...]

Emotions Define Brand

  Quite recently, Uber, the mobile app that gets you a ride, has been in the news for having potentially inappropriate business practices. During the NY snowstorm they allegedly called many of their competitor's cars, cancelled at the last minute, and then tried to recruit the drivers. This resulted in both lost revenue for the competitor company as well as a loss for those customers trying [...]

Looking for unicorns

  We often see these startup job postings “Looking for excellent JavaScript and Frontend!  Stupendous UI skills! Master of UX! Loves PHP, Node.js and Python Frameworks!” – a Unicorn, a beast so rare that some in fact say it doesn't even exist. In all seriousness however, on paper a person that is versatile and multifaceted is a desirable asset to have, however, [...]

Open for business.

Happy Days! After a few months of discussions regarding where we were headed with SWARM, and what it is we wanted to do, we've made some decisions and we're finally back, with a brand new site, a brand new blog, and a twitter feed to follow. What we've become is a digital agency. We enjoy working with one another, we push each other, and we're able to conceptualize and build products for our [...]

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